Friday, May 22, 2009

Similarities And Differences Between Social Responsibility Theory And Libertarian Theory

The social responsibility theory and the libertarian theory are theories (part of other theories)designed to aid the media in its operations. Basically,it entails what the press is supposed to do and what not to do.

The theories, though they aid in the administration of the media,has differences and similarities.

The social responsibility theory represents a compromise between favoring Government control of the media.
Unlike the libertarian theory that believes that,Journalists should have full authority within the media organization.

Although the social responsibility theory states that,media as a whole is pluralized,indicating differences in society as well as various point of view.
The libertarian similarly claims that,human beings inevitably chose the best ideas and values.
Social responsibility theory does not deny the rationality of man, though it put far less confidence in it. Man is viewed not so much irrational as lethargic.
The libertarian theory contrarily states that, the intervention of Government should be kept at a minimum. The primary functions of law should be enforced.

The goal of social responsibility is that,the media as a whole is pluralized.Indicating diversity of society as well as access to various point of view.

As opposed to the libertarian theory,the social responsibility theory is to provide an entrance to different mass media to minority groups.

The social responsibility theory states that ,the journalist is accountable to his audience as well as the Government.
For the libertarian theory, individuals should be free to publish whatever he or she likes.
In essence the social responsibility theory believes the government is on the same level as the mass media,but thee libertarian theory states contrarily.

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